• Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

    Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets is connnected with different kinds of shower hose and shower head to give you a comfortable shower test.

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  • Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps

    To choose an exquisite wall mounted bathroom taps can give you a comfortable and soft bath after a busy day work or one night’s sleep.

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  • Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

    Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

    This style of single handle bathroom faucet are adopted good-quality brass Hpb59-1 which the content of brass can keep around 59%, the proportion is highest...

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  • Modern Bathroom Faucets

    Modern Bathroom Faucets

    This kind of modern bathroom faucets is the latest fashion with modern style designed by our company, it is very suitable to decorate modern upholstering...

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  • Garden Bib Tap

    Garden Bib Tap

    Our garden bib tap is made of brass, wall mounted to connect with the water pipe to work as the function of ball valve, which looks more like a simple style...

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  • Outdoor Bib Tap

    Outdoor Bib Tap

    Generally, outdoor bib tap is chosen to water the flowers, trees and other plants in the garden. Aluminum lever is used in this bib tap with upward...

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  • Brass Bib Tap

    Brass Bib Tap

    Brass bib tap which can be also used as other liquid like wine, beer etc. belongs to the valve involving a control in bulk for the barrel of beer, wine and...

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  • Single Lever Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Single Lever Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Single Lever Bathroom Sink Faucets can realize both function of cold and hot water in very convenient way.

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  • In Wall Taps

    In Wall Taps

    In wall taps is actually a simple faucet mounted to the wall, and its outlet is usually assembled with a hose connector to join with the plastic tube.

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  • Brass Ball Valve

    Brass Ball Valve

    Ball valve evaluates from the cock, the ball moves around the center-axis of stem by 90 when it works and closes. It’s mainly used in duct to cut off,...

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  • Mini Ball Valve

    Mini Ball Valve

    Mini ball valve can make the tube and the pipe of the same material closely connected with each other to prevent leakage.

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  • Gas Ball Valve

    Gas Ball Valve

    Gas hose union ball valve made of forged brass, sand-blasted and chromed is used in the connection with the pipe and soft hose.

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