• Pressure Reducing Valve

    Pressure Reducing Valve

    The pressure relief valve is suitable for installation where it needs decompression, or in the front of exhaust/foul line.

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  • Relief Valve

    Relief Valve

    Relief valve body uses copper die casting technology, make excellently cooperate between different components. There is no corrosion phenomenon of loose or...

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  • Safety Valve

    Safety Valve

    The safety valves are designed for protection against too high water pressure on electrical water heaters and so on. The valve body and all other metallic...

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  • Butterfly Ball Valve

    Butterfly Ball Valve

    This series of butterfly ball valves are fitted with a red butterfly handle, the handle is made of high quality aluminum alloy with high strength and...

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  • Swing Check Valve

    Swing Check Valve

    Swing check valve belongs to the automatic valve type, mainly used in the flow of the medium with unidirectional flow. It only allows the media to flow in...

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  • No Return Check Valve

    No Return Check Valve

    No return check valve Precision numerical-control technology, hard sealing, durable baffle make it better than the rubber seal structure. Full copper baffle...

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  • Spring Loaded Check Valve

    Spring Loaded Check Valve

    Spring loaded check valve The vertical check valve is also called the reverse stop valve, which is used to prevent the flow of media in the pipeline. The...

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  • Y Type Strainer

    Y Type Strainer

    This valve is Y type - filter - ball valve is convenient to clean and can easily remove the sewage outlet.

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  • Water Strainer

    Water Strainer

    Water strainer adopts stainless steel filter which is not easy to rust and easy to remove. The density of stainless steel mesh is 140 mesh/square inch.

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  • Angle Valve Toilet

    Angle Valve Toilet

    This structure of angle valve toilet is simple, easy to operate.

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  • Brass Angle Valve

    Brass Angle Valve

    As long as there is water, in principle, brass angle valve is needed. Brass angle valve is equivalent to a joint with switch, and is used to connect the...

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  • Bronze Angle Valve

    Bronze Angle Valve

    Bronze angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe is in a 90-degree corner shape, so it is called bronze angle...

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