• Contemporary Bathroom Taps

    Contemporary Bathroom Taps

    In the contemporary, to choose a delicate bathroom taps may offer you a relaxed shower after a crazy honest jump or waking up in the morning.Contemporary...

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  • Bidet Faucet Bronze

    Bidet Faucet Bronze

    ​Bidet faucet bronze is a kind of leading product which is used with the sanitary ware like the Shattaf.

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  • Bidet Faucet Brushed Nickel

    Bidet Faucet Brushed Nickel

    The design philosophy of bathroom bidet faucets is: "Fashion design makes life more artful; Minimalism makes life easier."

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  • Best Bathroom Faucets

    Best Bathroom Faucets

    This kind of bathroom faucets uses 40mm ceramic cartridge and single lever. Cold and hot water can be mixed together to have a comfortable shower. It can be...

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  • Bidet Faucets Single Hole

    Bidet Faucets Single Hole

    The women's bidet is specially designed for the women. The women's washer is also called ”clean body basin”. Its appearance is similar to the toilet. The...

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  • Brass Shower Hose

    Brass Shower Hose

    Brass Shower Hose can be finished with gold-plated, bronze plated and yellow bronze plated and double locked.

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  • Bronze Bathroom Faucet

    Bronze Bathroom Faucet

    Bronze bathroom faucet Item no.:71109-1 This style of bronze bathroom faucet is implied into the wall. It has two optional functions to select-for shower...

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  • Stainless Steel Shower Hose

    Stainless Steel Shower Hose

    Stainless steel shower hose can easily avoid the rust.Double lock hands shower hose,fit for Global G1/2 interface,fit most shower fixture,Brass nuts at both...

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  • Hand Shower Hose

    Hand Shower Hose

    Hand shower hose is easily used by hand for shower.

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  • Flexible Shower Hose

    Flexible Shower Hose

    Flexible shower hose is applied to connect the shower faucet with shower head. It can reach wherever you want with flexible shose. Stainless steel material...

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  • Bathroom Bidet Faucets

    Bathroom Bidet Faucets

    This kind of bidet mixer is made of brass, a popular European model, which is best seller around most range of product of bidet faucets.

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  • Bidet Toilet Faucet

    Bidet Toilet Faucet

    Bidet toilet mixer is used to control the flow of water into a bidet,it mixes hot and cold water to give the desired flow rate and water temperature from a...

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