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Our best rain shower head is considered both the water flow and water saving.

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Best rain shower head can provide enough water like rain falling. And water-saving function is the key point to consider when purchasing rain shower head.

Our shower heads use steel ball cartridge and are equipped with a hot water-regulating controller to adjust the amount of hot water flowing into the mixing tank, so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This kind of design is more reasonable than the common flower sprinkles water-saving 50%.

The multi-function of shower heads is mainly to adjust the flowing water through different outlets to achieve water-saving effect.

The sprinkling process can divide water into thousands of small particles such as rain. The most outstanding water-saving method of the single-strand sprinkler is to generate fully concentrated water column. Although the flushing is powerful, each sprinkler will automatically reduce the water amount.

We pay attention to the detail of the shower head. We make our shower heads to achieve optimal wash bath result by improving the quality of fittings. We focus on the sprinkling panel, sprinkling connection thread, hose strength, electroplating level, holder, etc. which will directly affect the use of comfortable accessories, so that the product can be switched in different functions.

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