Glass Shower Room

Glass Shower Room

ICO shower room is through building independent wash bath space to save a space.

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    The shower room series that VICO produces is more comprehensive, have two kinds, whole shower room and simple shower room.

    According to the design, it is divided into corner shower room, one shape bath screen, circular arc shower room and shower room on the bathtub. According to the shape of the chassis (which can be translated into tray), it can be divided into square, full circle, fan and diamond shower room. It can be said that VICO's products can fully meet the requirements of the shower room in the market, and realize the "one-stop shopping" expectations of customers, which is your best choice.

At present, we focus on simple shower room, by choosing different glass material such as ordinary tempered glass, high quality toughened glass, the water ripples of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material. We matched it with different materials of trays at the bottom such as artificial stone, natural stone, ceramics, acrylic, which are assembly models of different levels. For example, the overall color has broken through single transparent glass, added a lot of bright colors such as white, gold, silver, red, yellow, blue, etc. And the color is in harmony of toilet - body, to clean and illuminative function 2 for one, the skeleton products also can adopt different surface treatment process, such as the technology of spray placer silver and spray placer gold. The colors are magnificent and showily. It can realize to diversify your products.

     VICO shower room is through building independent wash bath space to save a space. It can not only save the space greatly, but also create a relatively independent wash bath space at the same time. It can separate dry and wet, avoid mutual influence as well. It is very convenient for daily life. The use of shower room, can make water vapor is gathered in a narrow space, quantity of heat is unapt very quickly lost, let a person feel very warm, also had certain heat preservation effect thereby.

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